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Experience the thrill of dining with a restaurant bar that deftly marries Asian cuisine with a contemporary Western touch.
Represented by the Chinese word for joy (‘樂’ or “le”), Lè FUSION invites you to celebrate the union of two worlds – all within one memorable dining experience.

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Rougie Foie Gras

Pan seared Rougie Foie Gras accompanied with Chinese wine infused ginger oriental risotto and tobiko.

Lè Fusion Crispy Pork Roulade

Chef special recipe crispy crusted pork roulade with piquillo yuzu emulsion, Shanghainese sour plum vine baby tomato on bed of fried mantou.

Tsingtao Beef Fillet de Boeuf

Grilled Australian Augustus Beef tenderloin 12-hour infused with Tsingtao beer, cauliflower pommes mash with prawn roe.

Braised Abalone Seafood Rice

Chef’s special gravy poured over rice layered with seafood treasures and Tasmania Abalone.

Imperial Double Boiled Soup

Chef special imperial double boiled herbal soup accompanied with premium nu er hong.

Golden Phoenix

Chef special recipe marinated Sous Vide French quail with Chinese glutinous rice and oriental ratatouille.

Trio Pasta

Crafted pasta in 3 colourful flavours of green pesto, red chilli crab and sesame squid ink.

Lè Fusion Chendol

Special homemade local chendol topped with coconut milk and Baileys cream.

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