The joy of discovering a

Delightful New Fusion
Step into an evening of refined dining at Lè FUSION, nestled near Singapore River. With its chic oriental interior and inviting atmosphere, Lè FUSION brings together the best of East and West, serving up dishes that delight with every bite.

Lè FUSION is all about 樂 (‘le’, which means ‘joy’ in Chinese). It’s the joy we find in fusing flavours, and the joy you’ll discover as you savour our culinary masterpieces.

From Imperial Double-Boiled Soup to Tsingtao Beef Fillet de Boeuf, every bite is the culmination of our passion for the culinary arts, and our dedication to service excellence.

Step into

Our Kitchen
Helmed by the award-winning Chef Jack Tiang Toh Huat, every dish at Lè FUSION is a celebration of flavour and culture.